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Security breaches are a regular occurrence in companies of any size. The sequence of actions that need to happen for a company to resume normal operation when a security compromise has been detected are extremely time sensitive. Taking the wrong actions will alert the intruder that his presence has been detected, effectively giving him enough time to hide his tracks or delete important company data as a retaliatory action. On the other hand taking too long to take corrective action by engaging the proper defensive measures will give the attacker additional time to discover where the sensitive data lies and steal it.

Responding to a security incident is a highly specialised service that requires specialist skills. This knowledge backed up by years of experience aims to come to a favourable outcome for our clients. Attackers have become highly sophisticated, armed with advanced abilities capable of hiding threats in plain sight or installing them deep within the organisation’s systems, possibly even lying dormant for a period of time and then resuming activity when the business continues operating as usual. Senseon’s incident Response Service mobilises a team of information security professionals to assesses the network thoroughly, detect and clean the infection, investigate the origin of the problem and provide assistance with fixing the infection’s entry point. Implementing the correct response to a security compromise ensures that the business can resume operation as quickly as possible while minimizing the potential losses arising from the security incident.

Key Points:

  • Timely response to security breaches
  • Detection and cleansing of infection
  • Investigation of infection entry point
  • Faster return to business as usual
  • Minimising losses and stopping data theft
  • Lead the implementation of improved security controls

Protect the perimeter.

Secure the systems.

Defend the data.


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