Sensible Information Security.


Penetration Testing

Can the security perimeter be breached and access to sensitive information obtained by an attacker? How effective are the installed security controls against a targeted attack on the infrastructure from outside and from within the network?

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External Infrastructure Scanning

What does the organisation’s infrastructure look like to hackers on the Internet? Are you an easy target?

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Source Code Review

Bad programming practices and lack of security knowledge often result in insecure code. Insecure code is exploited by hackers to steal customer information and preform fraudulent transactions. Conduct an audit of the source code to detect these flaws and fix them before they are exploited.

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Information Security Auditing

Information security is more than just computer programs and configurations. Is the organisation following best practices? How protected is it from attacks? Are the necessary controls in place and effective?

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Infrastructure Health Check

Over time a number of factors can affect the network and system components, causing performance degradation, introducing security risks and ultimately resulting in unscheduled downtime. Assess the infrastructure against best practices to minimize downtime and improve performance.

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Incident Response

Whether through accidental actions or the malicious intent of trusted users, security incidents happen. When they happen, time is of the essence. Our specialists can help quickly contain and assess the damage and immediately set the business on the path to remediate the damage.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

Vulnerabilities are what hackers seek to take advantage of. Find them and fix them before they do.

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Security Technology Consultancy and Implementation

With so many different security technologies available it may be hard to find the right product for your organisation. Our specialists are at hand to provide all the assistance needed to select the right product and to make it work as efficiently as possible.

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User Awareness Training

The users are typically the weakest link in the security chain. Turn users into an asset that identify and report security incidents rather than cause them.

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Introducing Senseon

Senseon brings to you a group of Information Security professionals with years of experience working with businesses that require a high degree of regulatory compliance, uptime, reliability and information security. With international clients from various industries such as online gaming platforms, government agencies, payment gateways, financial service providers and IT solution providers, we strive to ensure that your infrastructure and software products are well protected against the increasing cyber threats targeting intellectual property and company confidential information. These are some of our highlights:


Over ten years experience in the field


Our team has certifications and accreditations on multiple leading technologies


Articles written by members of our team have been published in respected information security journals

Customer Base

Our customer base includes market leaders from various industries

Customer Trust

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Most of our clients have been with us for years.


We will do everything in our power to give you the best possible service. And that’s a guarantee.

Protect the perimeter. Secure the systems. Defend the data.


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