Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
Find your network’s weaknesses and fix them before hackers do.
Secure the systems

As software evolves and increases in complexity so does the potential for unintended flaws and vulnerabilities. For such systems to maintain relevance they require access to sensitive personal and/or financial data. Hundreds of software vulnerabilities are discovered each month in a variety of forms used in a plethora of industries. These vulnerabilities can be present in any part of the network whether internal or external and open the potential to be exploited with malicious intent.

Successful exploitation of software vulnerabilities can have a disastrous effect on a business. Certain vulnerabilities can result in total service unavailability, completely halting commerce or taking critical business functions offline. Other vulnerabilities have the potential of allowing an attacker to deface websites, display inappropriate content or modify entries in a database with inaccurate data making such systems counter productive. Other vulnerabilities may grant attackers full access to sensitive data, breaching confidentiality by giving full access to customer and proprietary information which can be used inappropriately. Such data may be sold to competitors or posted online in an effort to tarnish the business’ reputation.

With such a large number of known and published vulnerabilities and so many new ones being discovered each week it is a challenging task to keep track of every system within the organization and their vulnerabilities in order to perform proper remediation activities. Through Senseon’s Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation (VAR) Service any business can assess and improve its security posture by regularly checking its networks and understanding detailed recommendations aimed at fixing any discovered vulnerabilities. Such a proactive approach will ensure that the company can get on with its business safe in the knowledge that it is consistently in a good and protected position when it comes to IT security.

Key Points:

  • Protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data
  • Regularly scan for security weaknesses in both software and infrastructure
  • Detect and fix software known vulnerabilities
  • Review installed software versions to maintain a secure environment

Protect the perimeter.

Secure the systems.

Defend the data.


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