User Awareness Training
Instill a security mindset in the workforce.
Spread security awareness

Human nature is one of the recurring and underlying factors common to most security breaches. Human traits such as curiosity and greed are frequently exploited by hackers through social engineering techniques meant to trick end users into performing malicious actions. These techniques, many times coupled with technical attacks are extremely effective in bypassing security technologies and granting unauthorized access.

The best defense against this kind of attack is a change in workforce behaviour. Security-conscious employees can significantly strengthen the overall security posture of the organisation and have the potential to avoid costly security breaches. Senseon’s Security Awareness Training focuses on educating employees and strengthening what is commonly the weakest link in the enterprise. This training will engage employees and empower them to take a more active role and alert management whenever a security incident is suspected. Topics such as good password management, common social engineering techniques, avoiding virus infections, managing sensitive data, phishing awareness and others will be explained. Methods on how to protect the organisation from these common threats will be explained. This training is customised for each organisation to focus on threats likely to be faced by the specific industry sector in which the client organisation operates. Security awareness training consistently proves to be one of the most efficient and cost effective methods to proactively stop security breaches before they occur.

Key Points:

  • Build a security-conscious workforce
  • Strengthen the organisation’s weakest link
  • Engage employees in security activities
  • Mandate security standards
  • Avoid costly breaches

Protect the perimeter.

Secure the systems.

Defend the data.


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