Source Code Review

Inspect your source code for security weaknesses.

Inspect source code
Applications are expected to meet all of the high expectations that are set by their consumers. They are expected to be fast, have a pleasant user interface, frequently updated with new features, error free and able to perform a large number of different functions. At the same time, the code that makes all of this happen must be readable, reusable, maintainable, secure and deployed as quickly as possible. These expectations pose quite a challenge and businesses typically find it difficult to strike the right balance between meeting all of the client and business expectations and delivering robust and secure code in a timely manner.

Hackers seek to discover and exploit insecure code in sensitive applications to leak confidential customer information, impersonate legitimate application users and steal information. In certain cases such weaknesses can also result in full system compromise and have a negative effect on the company’s reputation.

Through Senseon’s Source Code Review service, an unbiased and trained security-oriented programmer can analyse source code to detect instances of programming bad practices and insecure code. This approach gives the organisation another chance to deploy the appropriate security fixes before an attacker has a chance to discover and exploit them. Our technical team can also provide the necessary skills, guidance and experience to quickly and efficiently create secure code.

Key Points:

  • Find security flaws in source code
  • Discover bad programming practices
  • Create secure source code
  • Quickly deploy security patches

Protect the perimeter.

Secure the systems.

Defend the data.


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